Sunday, November 1, 2009

NYC Marathon Madness!

It's marathon weekend in New York! My roommate Lisa is running it (her first marathon ever) and it's been crazy the amount of training and dedication that I have seen her put into it. So amazing. 
Instead of running it (definitely not there physically) I thought I would help out by volunteering at the expo and registering runners the day before. Below are some photos from the event, which was awesome btw... 
(sorry for the quality , I only had my bb on me)

I love how happy these two people look as I'm snapping a photo :)

Me and my roommie pre run

And then today was the NYC Marathon!! The whole city was bustling (aka the subway was jam packed). It really is such an amazing thing to watch! There are live bands, hundreds of people cheering and supporting people that they don't even know. Here are me and my friends with our Go Lisa! sign 

I was so excited for her to run by with my sign and camera all ready to go. Probably too excited because when we actually saw her I tried snapping a photo and realized my camera was off!! So after realizing this I caught the tail end and you can kind of see her in this photo .. but not really :(
So proud of her though!!! 

Maybe a marathon in my future? How do you even begin to mentally prepare yourself for one of these things?

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