Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nature vs the City

Last weekend, the weather was gorgeous, the air was crisp and ready for fall, and these legs were itching for a good walk! Make that an 8 mile hike in beautiful Mohonk. It was a perfect day, and me, my camera, a backpack full of delicious treats, and an entertaining walking buddy ;) hit the trails!

There were rock climbers, wildlife, and rock scrambles [oh my], and after 8 miles of going up and down vertical ladders, squeezing through crevices and walking through the woods, I was exhausted.

The views here are spectacular - especially at the Mountain Lodge! There was a wedding going on at the time, and lets just say the bridesmaids and bride herself were definitely indulging in the afternoon celebration ;) !!

And of course my afternoon snack had to be portrayed - a MASSIVE sandwich, which had to be specially wrapped to stay together, complete with turkey, half an apple, a little smidge of fig jam, cucumber slices and tomato slices. Perfect for the half way point :)

The weekend is supposed to clear up here in the city this weekend, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed - pretty please??
Adios folks!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Dessert :)


I can't believe Kevin won top chef!! Honestly, thorughout the season he wasn't my favorite and I'm not sure how he made it to the end, but he pretty much nailed the finale - what an insanely ridiculous moment that must be!!

Now getting ready to watch what I'm betting will be my new favorite, Top Chef Just Desserts!

And as fate would have it, I walked out of my office building today and low and behold...

GIving out free desserts - wahooo. Of course the line was incredibly long with 9-5'ers looking to get a nice lil sugar kick on their way home, so I skipped the dessert truck and instead headed to my gym for a KettleBells demo class that was being offered. I've never taken kettlebells but they look like this:

The class was an hour long and while it wasn't the hardest workout, it definitely kicked my thighs to the core! Currently stretching them and dreaming of sugar and buttercream... mmmm


Oo just found out that no recipes are allowed in Just Desserts. That's crazy!!