Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Happy Birthdaaay

Last night we celebrated my friend Liz's birthday -- the big 24! It was the first time all of my high school friends that live in the city have gotten together in a while so it was really fun. We started with some cheese and cupcakes platters of course -- magnolia bakery is definitely a good way to celebrate. 

And some wine of course :) I made  everyone sing the whole happy birthday song, complete with the "How ooold are you?" and 24 hand claps. It's a family tradition.   I managed to resist the baked goodies since I had a healthy dinner before hand and was pretty satisfied! Not to mention I don't actually like Magnolia that much - I'm a much bigger fan of BabyCakes. yay!
We headed over to Stanton Social afterwards which had a really cool atmosphere! I opted for a specialty drink called the Black Night (I think?) which was Guinness and Champagne. Such a cool combo! I looove Guinness and figured why not splurge and celebrate at the same time.

Until the next birthday celebration -- which is next week actually. Which I am already super excited for . ...
I plan on just spending the day lounging and I can't even watch the MIchigan game because it's only on the big ten network.booo

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