Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flashing Room

Last night a huge group of us bought tickets to go and see 2 AM Club perform live at Union Hall in Brooklyn. This band is really good! They were signed about a year ago and are performing at concerts all over the US. I've been to two pretty low key concerts before tonight, and even without knowing the music (at first) they seriously know how to pump up an audience! We finally made it to Union Hall and this bar is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. There are book shelfs and couches and fireplaces right when you walk in. And then...drum roll please..

A bocce court!! How ridiculous. I was loving it. 
Then we went downstairs for the concert and again, these guys out did themselves. The concert was unreal and so fun!

Super sweaty singer -- but no worries we were seriously all sweating just as much jumping around to the music :)

Can't wait for another show from these guys.  Check them out!!   I think I decided that Flashing Room or Dearly Departed are my favorite songs :) Or Worry About you.. they're all good 

I decided that I need to venture out of my Manhattan bubble a little more and do things like go to Brooklyn for the day. It reeeeally isn't that far (a few subway stops).  Brooklyn has really cute boutiques and coffee shops and in general just a really unique culture.  People really seem to love it and I think I miss that sense of loyalty to a place.  My goal before the year ends is to go out to Brooklyn and take photos or read one day and just take it all in. Maybe the flashing room at Union Hall finally turned on a light in my head...

Do you have any good concerts that you've been to recently?? Or how about any suggestions for cute places to go in BK?

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