Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laugh a Little!

I am so looking forward to NOT traveling this weekend!! whoo hoo. Seriously the past three weekends I have been go go go in different states and different countries and every mode of transportation that is available...I can't wait to relax and maybe sleep 8+ hours (maybe!) this weekend in my newly cleaned apartment. Yes, my roomie and I caved on Sunday and begged the cleaners to come and clean out our dirty excuse for a living situation. It was sooooo worth the $$. If anyone in NY needs a cleaner, get in touch with me. I swear the place looks 3x as large :) yaay

This past weekend I traveled to lovely Beantown for a BC Charity Ball! Remember the dress I said I was going to get hemmed?? Ta - da!

The dressed turned out great. Not as slimming down the legs as I would have liked but great all the same. I'm really proud that I finally made use of a dress that's been hanging in my attic for 6 years!
A collection of my college and high school friends drove the 5 hours to boston, relaxed, did hot yoga (that was amazing), danced, dressed up, drank, play, and had an all around good time. :)

While it definitely took a lot out of me, I'm glad I went. Any excuse to dress up really..it might be one of my favorite things. Now, back in NYC, I'm excited to get back to rejuvenating, recharging, and detoxing; for the next few days at least ;)
A little factoid that I heard today that both depressed and motivated me: Babies laugh 300 times a day. The average adult laughs 10 times. 
Future reminder to myself: Stop taking yourself so seriously!! No one else does :) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worthwhile Break

I spent all of last week basking in the beautiful views of St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands. A vacation in the middle of February is probably the healthiest, most relaxing activity that I could think of doing - and since this is a healthy living blog, I figured it had to be featured ;) 

There was snorkeling, hiking, sunsets, swimming, reading (I read three books!), sleeping, running, and eating of course...while I didn't get a ton of food photos, I did manage to snag a few of my favorites!

Delicious Breakfast Burrito
Stuffed Waffles with Fresh Mango and Bananas

This was the menu from La Tapa restaurant that we went to on our last night - the owner shuts down during Hurricane season and travels the world to find new recipes and ingredients. She then comes back to St. John and incorporates them into her menu and changes it every night! I had the Yellowfin Tuna, which was absolutely spectacular! 
Lots of banana smoothies were consumed :)

Home sweet home  - and another trip to Boston this weekend to look forward to! Have a great week everyone :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

L O S T?

Happy hump day folks! After Wednesday's are over I feel so much more refreshed...it's amazing what little things can do for your spirit huh?
In case you live under a rock and were unaware of last night's festivities, it was the LOST premiere (or in case you have more productive/educational hobbies that preoccupy your time - to each his own)!! My roommate was so excited she almost printed out these:

We were having a little get together at our place with some friends from college that we hadn't seen in ages! LOST was something we all used to look forward to at school and watch together so getting together for an ol' pasttime was half of the enjoyment in my opinion. :)

Dinner consisted of take-out pizza and beer (did I mention we were with boys??).

We loaded upon on a Cheese pizza with mushrooms, mozzarella sticks (for the veggie in the house!), meatballs, and a salad. Random combo I know. I don't particularly like the cheese on my pizza, unless it's mozzarella or super fresh so I ate two pieces of pizza sans the cheese, half a meatball (no, I am not the veggie - I would never survive), and some of the salad since I have been feeling seriously devoid of greens these days!

This was the beer we picked up from our snow tubing trip. Gets better every time!

The premiere was great! However, while this might make me sound like an idiot (unlike all of the other incredibly intellectual things that I say ;) ) I seriously do not understand time travel and this show is chock-full of it - I was LOST, pun intended. I'm hoping that it tones down a little this season or at least gets explained a little better!

Overall a great night, topped off with a great spin class this morning and a clean and simple breakfast of vanilla protein powder shake with lots o' cinnamon . mm mm.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Note to self:

Do not put protein powder in oatmeal after it is already cooked. I made that mistake this morning and literally felt like I was inhaling dry pretzels er something to that extent...it was not good to say the least. Having a crummy breakfast didn't put my day off to a good start, and I don't think that it got the blood flowing to my brain because I walked all the way to work, sat down at my cube, and realized that I had forgotten my laptop on my bed. A-W-E-SOME. 24 minutes and $45 later (I had to buy a new subway card) I finally got the day started..oof!

The day did get a little better though...In 3 weeks I am going to a Charity Ball in Boston!! I am a huge (HUGE) fan of dressing up and getting out on the town ;) so of course I jumped at the chance to 1. Road trip with some girlfriends to Boston for the weekend 2. Donate some $$ to a good cause and 3. play dress up :)

I have waaay too many dresses as it is, but of course I was thinking nothing in my closet would work! ;) My mother might disagree with me.....However, in the spirit of staying on budget (January was difficult to say the least) and the reality that I actually do have plenty of things to wear, I decided to do a little makeover of the wardrobe kind. I have so many long prom dresses back home that are just sitting there, accumulating the terrible attic smell that some clothes can never say goodbye to. So, I figured I would re-vamp one of my favorite dresses and make it into a sleeker, sexier, more mature version of the high school prom dress! I wish I had an old prom photo to show..but alas, they have been burned/buried to keep my dignity ;)
Picture this - but red. Anyhow, I trecked down to the lower east side today for my lunch break to this place called Nelson's to get this dress hemmed. There will be some after photos assuming all goes well - but I did hear some great things.
The highlight of my day was passing this cute little bakery that I have been wanting to try:

I didn't actually make it in (since my hour lunch break was nearing a close!) but now I know right where it is for next time. I'll have to "step inside and find out" what the heck they were talking about on this chalkboard outside ... ;)