Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Diary of the Traveling Pants

As I mentioned in my "About Me" section I work for a consulting firm out of New York. Consultants, as a general practice, do travel alot, but I really have not traveled that much in the past year. That being said this week I got to take a mini train trip and stay at a hotel for two nights. Even though I was only going to be gone for two nights and two days, I still seemed to waaay over pack:

Eating healthy while traveling is seriously the hardest thing I think, not to mention trying to work out in the hotel's mayhem and completely filled with other consultants btw.
The food at the hotel was actually really good! I ordered room service my second night there and got a chicken salad with the dressing on the side (key tip to cutting the calorie count by a good amount) and some steamed asparagus.  From now on, I'm going to be very specific about the way veggies are cooked at a restaurant because it seems so silly to order something like vegetables, which are healthy, and have them show up slathered in butter. I'm definitely learning a good deal from The Biggest Loser this season (re: the episode where they go out to a mexican restaurant and just butcher the menu, i love it).

And then the nice hotel staff put some m&ms in a chinese rice box! so cute!!

This was just the beginning. My team had heard about a pizza place that apparently has the "9th best pizza in the WORLD :)  So of course!! we had to go!  As we pulled up I recognized the name Colony Pizza - a bunch of the guys that I was friends with in high school used to drive all the way to Colony to treat themselves (it's about 40 minutes from where I grew up). I texted my friend and he 1. was super jealous and 2. confirmed that he had no idea where we heard the rankings - Colony Pizza was definitely no 1. And seriously, this pizza definitely lived up to the hype. So - freakin - amazing. But...the have to get your own "personal pie", and they're the size of a normal pizza. haha - it's kind of like the soup nazi in there. So there were definitely extras. 
In case you are ever in stamford, ct - Colony Grill

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