Monday, November 2, 2009

Case of the Mondays?

I feel surprisingly sluggish this morning for having such a lazy Sunday night. I normally wake up around 5:30 / 5:45 to get a morning workout in; I found that I really am so much more energized and have a definite hop to my step :) This morning, however, by the time I opened my eyes and looked at the alarm clock, it was already 6:30, meaning I had been listening to my radio alarm for a good hour without getting up..hmmm I decided to listen to my body and instead of dragging it to the gym for a most likely tired work out, I tried my own rendition of yoga/mediation to wake up. Basically, I sat on my yoga mat in the quiet and stretched and said some omms and thought about things I wanted to accomplish this week. It was quite refreshing to say the least!!

Still I think I'm a little out of sync and it was definitely a strong coffee kind of day . Grande with soy (gotta say I am a fan of starbucks but $2.12 for a coffee! ) And yes, this is my office desk. Don't be fooled by the photo and lighting, it really does look this grim....think office space..yeaa

With the start of a new month, and in the midst of holiday season, its no secret that this is the biggest catch 22 time of the year. Everyone wants to lose weight/get in shape/maintain healthy lifestyle so that you look good at all of the great events coming up throughout december! But because of all of the greeat events, it's so super easy to fall off the band wagon. Take halloween for one example, how many pieces of candy did you eat? And if you were able to refrain then send me your strategies!! I for one went to something called The Chocolate Show on Sunday (which I'll write about later when I get the photos uploaded).

Some other blogs that I follow, Caitlin's and Angela's specifically, have said they are declaring November Back on Track Month. As a true believer in needing motivation and supporters to stay on track, and a believer in the damage that I can do during Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm going to try and revamp the healthy living this month and I'll try to post any tips I can.

I have you have any great recipes, workouts, tips, or just want to join in - then comment away!

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