Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tartine, New York style

Happy 2010!! I'm waiting to get my hands on some New Years Eve photos, since my camera battery didn't make it :( so once those make it to my computer, there will be a full recap of NYE in NYC. Of course, at the start of the new year, everyone makes their new years resolutions, or revelations, as we have started referring to them. One of my "revelations", along with the whole big picture theme of this blog, is to start seeing New York for all that it has to offer, while I am still young and able to enjoy it! The roomie and I talked about making a list of restaurants that we want to try out and make an active effort to go out and try these places. New York is the stomping ground for fabulous food and someone's gotta taste test it all, right!? 
I have been a follower of Jenna's blog for some time and recently have been reading about her new found addiction to Tartine. I've never been there myself, but it just so happens that there is one in NY as well - go figures! Figuring I would start out the new year right, me and my two cousins headed out to Tartine in the West Village for brunch this morning. It's a 15.95 prix fix, with a complimentary coffee/tea and oj. Not to shabby if I do say so myself [for new york that is ;)]. In past experiences of brunch with girlfriends, I would always order an omelette or eggs benedict and finish off the meal saying, probably verbatim, "Wow that was good, but I wish I had gotten something sweet." Now, I have shot myself in the foot one too many times, and my friends won't let me order eggs for bfast. Good thing, because I opted for the Apple Pancake from the Tartine menu, thinking about these paste brunch experiences, and it was sooooo good. The menu literally said "Apple Pancake", no extras, not even plural pancakes. I asked the waiter if it came with anything else and he said no, just an apple pancake. When it came out, I understood why. Ladies and gentleman, this is no ordinary pancake (hence the photo up top). I think it is more of a Dutch apple pancake/turnoveresque concoction. Needless to say, it was [I repeat], sooooo good. 
Are there any other fabulous brunches/meals that you have had recently?? I'm up for suggestions and will be adding to the fridge list consistently ;)
In keeping with NYE revelations, the roomie and I are headed out to dinner at The Bowery Hotel with a girlfriend of ours from college. Not sure if its kosher to snap photos in there, but I'll try to be discreet. Tata for now..


  1. Anonymous23:38

    I have two NY suggestions for you, first the Clinton Street Baking Company on the LES, the wait is insane, but their pancakes with maple butter are out of this world amazing. Second, if you ever want to take a trip to Clinton Hill Brooklyn, it's kind of out of the way, but the cheddar and scallion scones (plus the croissants and chocolate and orange scones) at Choice Market are probably the best scones I've ever had.

    And I had no idea there was a Tartine in NYC, I'm going to have to check it out.

    BTW, I think I found your blog through Angela's, nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks! I will be sure to give those a try..I'm already craving some maple butter mm mm :)