Friday, January 15, 2010

23 or 70?

Clearly I have been MIA via the blog this week, but after reading you'll understand why, and maybe be able to relate? I started this week with a fabulous energy; I had a great weekend, work was looking manageable this week, I had a fun dinner planned for Thursday. And then, Monday hit. Mondays are always slightly difficult, but this one particularly drained me (for no apparent reason). Then Tuesday came along, and a similar draining effect took place. Wednesday was no exception and then Thursday, well lets just say I think I hit a wall. While I was able to make it to the gym on these days (working out in the morning I have learned that exhaustion and a slight sleeping haze are part of the routine) my eating habits were [slightly] off. Take yesterday. Below is a picture of some fruit combos, a handful of soy crips, and a 1/2 a chicken and spinach sandwich. Looks relatively normal and as though I covered all the bases huh?! Just so happens that this was after my normal lunch, plus an additional handful of chips and another half a sandwich...And this was just my lunch!
Needless to say I went home, after my dinner date was cancelled, and crashed. I'm pretty sure a 70 year old grandmother goes to bed later than I did last night! I cannot pinpoint what is making me so exhausted...lack of concentration/motivation, hormones, multi-tasking, diet?
Does this ever happen to you? Any suggestions?!

All I can say is TGIF and I'm looking forward to getting my 23 year old body back to feeling like a 23 year old should! Well, I might act like a grandma again tonight... ;) welcome back friday night lite


  1. I think it has just been this week! It's really been killer. And EVERYONE I talk to has said the same thing.

    I went to bed at 8:30 on Wednesday night and I loved every second of it!! Hahaha

  2. I totally have these days sometimes and I definitely reach to food when I am feeling drained, upset that I haven't taken as much "me" time as I need. Definitely partake in the grandma lifestyle until you feel back to normal. I can totally relate!! Good job still getting your workouts in though!