Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Po' Girls Drink

I have tried to fight the addiction numerous times, but my love of coffee keeps coming back in full vengence. Unfortunately, my coffee machine broke a few months ago and the coffee at work, while free, is not.good.

Enter Christmas, where I asked Santa for some Starbucks gift cards. Seriously, what more could a bonafide coffee addict who passes 3, count 'em 3, Starbucks on her way to work want (and that's when I take the subway, forget about walking)! However, as much as I love it, Starbucks is expensive $$$ Here are some tips and tricks I've learned so that I can indulge as often as possible!

Poor Man's Latte
An iced doppio. Add milk.

Poor Man's Chai Latte
A chai tea misto with extra foam, two tea bags and a half pump of cinnamon syrup and half pump of vanilla syrup.

This happens to be something that I am definitley guilty of. Refills are only 50 cents! ($.54 with tax). If you buy a coffee in the morning and save the cup, then you can refill it whenever for cheaper than the carts on the street (for those non-NewYorkers, this is unheard of)! One downfall, the policy is actually for 50 cent refills if you are sitting in the 'buck only. However, I dont think that alot of baristas keep to this policy strictly; hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones.

Starbucks Cards
One kind gentleman informed me yesterday that if I registered my Starbucks card then the refill would be free. Um whaaaat? I could have hugged the man. Be sure to register any gift card you get for some super sweet rewards!

**Just as a disclaimer, while I do use some of these cheapskate/genius tactics occassionally, I do also support the company by purchasing my $5 grande soy vanilla mistos pretty regularly :)

Ta ta for now - I think my coffee definitley kicked in this morning


  1. I am going to start a tea exhange for Heart Day...would you be interested? Bloggers would pass three bags onto other bloggers...
    Also, have you tried chai tea with a shot of espresso topped off with one shot vanilla and some foam? TRY IT!

  2. Awesome I am registering my GC cards1

  3. Anonymous10:34

    Love you Sbux tips! Registering your cards also gets you free syrup---adds up quick!! I also ask for Starbucks cards for every holiday!

  4. Haha - I love this. I too have come up with all kinds of tricks to "beat the Starbucks system." My addiction got so great that I just had to go with making my coffee at home - but this will come in hand for those two-coffee days :)

  5. Wow I had no idea you could get free syrup too! Man, learn something new every day ;)

  6. Anonymous14:00

    Thanks for the tips, as an avid coffee drinker (I, too, have made many unsuccessful attempts at quitting the java goodness) those bargain cues will come in handy when I go into the crackhouse a.k.a Starbucks again.

    Have a great weekend Jenny!

  7. PS - I left you Hoboken restaurant suggestions under your comment on my blog :) I went a bit overboard! Haha