Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stonyfields and Greens

I'm really not entirely sure where this week has gone. I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday. I feel like once Wednesday is over with, the rest is just a breeze :) Don't you?? 
Nothing too exciting today but I did have a few of my favorite things pop into the picture..
First, I started off with another great workout - this time working my arms :)
  • Lateral cable raises (3 sets of 12)
  • Stability Ball Pushups (these were super hard and I only got out 3 sets of 10 -- and they were pathetic looking :/ )
  • Tricep dips (my favorite!! 3 sets of 15)
  • Treadmill for 15 minutes (CLIMB: warm up 5 min, increase the incline 1 level every minute for 10 minutes, decrease by 1 level for 5 min)
  • Dumbbell Tricep Extention (3 sets of 15)
  • Stability ball chest press (3 sets of 12)
  • Dumbell shoulder press (3 sets of 12)
  • Treadmill [again] (SPRINT: vary speed each minute - sprinting 1, jog 1, etc. for 15 minutes)
  • I followed this up with a nice and sweaty 30 minute "power walk on an incline" bc I had some time to kill :)
I came back to the apt and created one of these:
Oh yes, yes a green monsterrrr. Alas, I had no fruit :( so this was kind of more of a protein shake + a few handfuls of spinach. It wasn't bad actually because I added a secret ingredient. (a few drops of vanilla extract cures anything) 

Midday I had one of my favorite snacks that I have recently discovered. A Stonyfield Organic Yogurt! I usually will add some almonds, granola, or fruit to these, unless it's the Key Lime Pie flavor. So strange I hate actual Key Lime Pie, but the Stonyfield yogurt is unreal!! I love it so much I just entered this Stonyfield give away: Check it out!

I started eating Organic Dairy a few months ago, after my dermatologist recommended it for my skin. She related it to all of the hormones, etc. that can go into typical dairy that you might by at the store. I had never really considered eating organic but at the time, my skin was in such disarray that I would try ANYTHING. I have found that there are a ton of benefits to eating organic foods. For example, by switching to organic dairy alone you are:
  1. Avoiding hormones and antibiotics
  2. Supporting sustainable agriculture
  3. Creating less waste and pollution
  4. Helping to reduce global warming
  5. Making yourself pretty from the inside out ;)
While I think that eating organic dairy has helped my skin and overall feeling, that doesn't mean I stay away from cheese and cracker platters at parties, or skimp on my usual ice cream fix topped with chocolate. But as an general shopping/stocking my refrigerator move, I try to follow this plan. Give it a try, see how you feel!

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  1. omg the week is over once it Wednesday! lol!great smothie!