Monday, January 4, 2010

Eat for Good Luck!

I feel like I am doing all of my new years/twenty-ten posts a little late, but better late than never right!?? As a partial food slash better living blog, what could be more appropriate than a posting on food that will bring better luck in the new year ... nothing were my thoughts exactly :)
For as long as I can remember my family would make sausage and sauerkraut on New Years Day for dinner (a polish tradition). Sound appetizing? It's really not actually...but all in the spirit of having a happier and healthier year ahead. Here's the theory:
  • Cabbage (or greens in general) can be associated with money and will bring good fortune and wealth. 
  • Sauerkraut, in particular, has long strands which symbolize long life.  
  • Pork has a rich fat content, again standing for wealth and prosperity, as well as progress since pigs dig with their snout in a forward motion. 
Cabbage is not necessary the best tasting thing, but it is super good for you! It's rich in fiber and has TONS of Vitamin C. Most importantly/interestingly, cabbage has a naturally occuring compound called indoles. Some research has shown that indoles can actually lower the risk of certain types of cancers (hello long life).
In keeping up with tradition, I made my New Years Day dinner tonight! Only about 4 meals late oops..

I had sauerkraut and [chicken] sausage, with asparagus and a sweet potato on the side. I had no idea how to cook sauerkraut so I just threw it in the pain with the sausage and a little soy sauce? We had slim pickins in the freezer/pantry today and clearly I couldn't even buy any actual pork. Ahh the joys of living on your own :) 

Here's to wealth, progress, and a long and healthy life!

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  1. Haha - I like your version :)

    I'm pretty much addicted to Chicken Sausage!