Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

I had to go home to CT last night for a rather lame and embarrassing reason (ahem traffic court), but it ended up being perfect because today is my mom's birthday! So between driving to a no-name town of Lewisboro, pleading down my measly little speeding ticket, and still paying an exorbanent amount of money - yes I am a little biter - I was able to bake some cupcakes for my mom. I feel like everyone in my family has a favorite kind of cake that they don't like moving away from; my dad's is Spice Cake, mine might be Carrot Cake (but nothing really beats confetti), my brother likes anything with sugar, and my mom has been really leaning towards Angel Foods Cake, if there is no chocolate souffle laying around ;). So I whipped together some super simple Angel Food Cupcakes with some whipped cream frosting and whatever fruit and other toppings we had around. Happy Birthday mom!

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  1. Happy birthday Mama Nutmegger!