Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beantown Bonanza

For the past two weeks I have been lucky enough to start traveling for work; while it's sporadic and short-lived in nature, it's still an experience in a different city, which I have definitely been looking forward to. The destination: Cambridge, MA! The minute you step into this town I immediately feel smarter. Bordering both MIT and Harvard, there is a definite intellectual vibe in the both the coffee shops and numerous libraries that you pass by on the street.
I flew down to Boston on Sunday night and decided to take a stroll down Main Street and look for a little place to sit and read my new obsession : The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Low and behold I stumbled on this little joint -

Technically, I guess it is an ice cream store ("the best ice cream in the world"), but they serve coffee and tea as well. One thing that I thought was incredibly cool was this brunch menu on the wall (Breakfast @ the big table)with a disclaimer that said you could not use your laptop during that time - guess they get that busy! If I ever get back here I am going to hit up the Strawberry Ice Cream, which is apparently unreal :) And lord knows I love a good ice cream!

Anyways, since it was a little on the chilly side, I opted for tea.

Vanilla Rooibos has been at the top of my list since I tried it a few weeks ago - it has such a strong flavor and it's herbal so perfect for night time when you don't need the extra boost of caffeine!

Unfortunately they were out of lids (??) so the barista let me have it for free - wahoo!

Along with the strawberry ice cream, my next visit will include knocking out a few of these coffee numbers in search for the ultimate goal of FREE ESPRESSO :)


  1. Anonymous22:42

    ah jealous you were up in beantown! (btw its you flew UP to beantown, not down. haha). next time im in boston i want to hit up cambridge.. any good dinner spots you went to!? miss ya darlin!-care

  2. I always get that direction wrong ;) hmm no dinner spots this time except the last time I was here I went to Chez Henri which is French Caribbean. uhh faaabulous but a little nicer!