Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worthwhile Break

I spent all of last week basking in the beautiful views of St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands. A vacation in the middle of February is probably the healthiest, most relaxing activity that I could think of doing - and since this is a healthy living blog, I figured it had to be featured ;) 

There was snorkeling, hiking, sunsets, swimming, reading (I read three books!), sleeping, running, and eating of course...while I didn't get a ton of food photos, I did manage to snag a few of my favorites!

Delicious Breakfast Burrito
Stuffed Waffles with Fresh Mango and Bananas

This was the menu from La Tapa restaurant that we went to on our last night - the owner shuts down during Hurricane season and travels the world to find new recipes and ingredients. She then comes back to St. John and incorporates them into her menu and changes it every night! I had the Yellowfin Tuna, which was absolutely spectacular! 
Lots of banana smoothies were consumed :)

Home sweet home  - and another trip to Boston this weekend to look forward to! Have a great week everyone :)

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  1. Anonymous09:42

    Looks like you had an incredibly blissful and relaxing tropical getaway! Those pictures were a little taunting, though. They made me want to stuff my suitcase, drain my savings, and book a flight and hotel to somewhere that's...the total opposite of NYC in February.

    Glad you had a great time (with great food too)!