Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Note to self:

Do not put protein powder in oatmeal after it is already cooked. I made that mistake this morning and literally felt like I was inhaling dry pretzels er something to that extent...it was not good to say the least. Having a crummy breakfast didn't put my day off to a good start, and I don't think that it got the blood flowing to my brain because I walked all the way to work, sat down at my cube, and realized that I had forgotten my laptop on my bed. A-W-E-SOME. 24 minutes and $45 later (I had to buy a new subway card) I finally got the day started..oof!

The day did get a little better though...In 3 weeks I am going to a Charity Ball in Boston!! I am a huge (HUGE) fan of dressing up and getting out on the town ;) so of course I jumped at the chance to 1. Road trip with some girlfriends to Boston for the weekend 2. Donate some $$ to a good cause and 3. play dress up :)

I have waaay too many dresses as it is, but of course I was thinking nothing in my closet would work! ;) My mother might disagree with me.....However, in the spirit of staying on budget (January was difficult to say the least) and the reality that I actually do have plenty of things to wear, I decided to do a little makeover of the wardrobe kind. I have so many long prom dresses back home that are just sitting there, accumulating the terrible attic smell that some clothes can never say goodbye to. So, I figured I would re-vamp one of my favorite dresses and make it into a sleeker, sexier, more mature version of the high school prom dress! I wish I had an old prom photo to show..but alas, they have been burned/buried to keep my dignity ;)
Picture this - but red. Anyhow, I trecked down to the lower east side today for my lunch break to this place called Nelson's to get this dress hemmed. There will be some after photos assuming all goes well - but I did hear some great things.
The highlight of my day was passing this cute little bakery that I have been wanting to try:

I didn't actually make it in (since my hour lunch break was nearing a close!) but now I know right where it is for next time. I'll have to "step inside and find out" what the heck they were talking about on this chalkboard outside ... ;)


  1. Oh man! Rough start. Sorry about the oats. I've never tried adding protein powder to my oats. I'm not sure what kind to buy. They're all so expensive!

  2. Hmm they are expensive but they last a really long time, so I feel like it kind of evens out!