Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laugh a Little!

I am so looking forward to NOT traveling this weekend!! whoo hoo. Seriously the past three weekends I have been go go go in different states and different countries and every mode of transportation that is available...I can't wait to relax and maybe sleep 8+ hours (maybe!) this weekend in my newly cleaned apartment. Yes, my roomie and I caved on Sunday and begged the cleaners to come and clean out our dirty excuse for a living situation. It was sooooo worth the $$. If anyone in NY needs a cleaner, get in touch with me. I swear the place looks 3x as large :) yaay

This past weekend I traveled to lovely Beantown for a BC Charity Ball! Remember the dress I said I was going to get hemmed?? Ta - da!

The dressed turned out great. Not as slimming down the legs as I would have liked but great all the same. I'm really proud that I finally made use of a dress that's been hanging in my attic for 6 years!
A collection of my college and high school friends drove the 5 hours to boston, relaxed, did hot yoga (that was amazing), danced, dressed up, drank, play, and had an all around good time. :)

While it definitely took a lot out of me, I'm glad I went. Any excuse to dress up really..it might be one of my favorite things. Now, back in NYC, I'm excited to get back to rejuvenating, recharging, and detoxing; for the next few days at least ;)
A little factoid that I heard today that both depressed and motivated me: Babies laugh 300 times a day. The average adult laughs 10 times. 
Future reminder to myself: Stop taking yourself so seriously!! No one else does :) 

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  1. Anonymous22:13

    There is much to learn from babies. I swear, when they're not screaming their heads off for milk, mommy, or a diaper change...they're like little Buddhas.

    Glad you had a merry weekend with old friends and fancy dress! I love getting dressed up, but I rarely find occasions to do so. I need more engaged friends, so I can dress up for big weddings. Though, I'd hate to be stuck with a bridesmaid dress...ha!