Wednesday, February 3, 2010

L O S T?

Happy hump day folks! After Wednesday's are over I feel so much more's amazing what little things can do for your spirit huh?
In case you live under a rock and were unaware of last night's festivities, it was the LOST premiere (or in case you have more productive/educational hobbies that preoccupy your time - to each his own)!! My roommate was so excited she almost printed out these:

We were having a little get together at our place with some friends from college that we hadn't seen in ages! LOST was something we all used to look forward to at school and watch together so getting together for an ol' pasttime was half of the enjoyment in my opinion. :)

Dinner consisted of take-out pizza and beer (did I mention we were with boys??).

We loaded upon on a Cheese pizza with mushrooms, mozzarella sticks (for the veggie in the house!), meatballs, and a salad. Random combo I know. I don't particularly like the cheese on my pizza, unless it's mozzarella or super fresh so I ate two pieces of pizza sans the cheese, half a meatball (no, I am not the veggie - I would never survive), and some of the salad since I have been feeling seriously devoid of greens these days!

This was the beer we picked up from our snow tubing trip. Gets better every time!

The premiere was great! However, while this might make me sound like an idiot (unlike all of the other incredibly intellectual things that I say ;) ) I seriously do not understand time travel and this show is chock-full of it - I was LOST, pun intended. I'm hoping that it tones down a little this season or at least gets explained a little better!

Overall a great night, topped off with a great spin class this morning and a clean and simple breakfast of vanilla protein powder shake with lots o' cinnamon . mm mm.


  1. Anonymous10:06

    Way to balance out the clean vanilla drink with good old fashioned pizza and tv at night! I've not yet hopped on the "Lost" bandwagon, but I'm seriously addicted to "Mad Men" now.

  2. interesting..I have not done mad men yet but have heard (obviously) amazing things about it. Maybe that'll be the next show in my weekly line up!

  3. omg those labels are cute! I am not a lost follower but I kind of wish I was!

  4. haha - that sounds like an amazing night to me! i'm so on the Lost get togethers - i miss college so much! remember when ALL your friends were just a short walk across campus? those were the days...