Friday, December 11, 2009

Return of the Friday Lazy Nights

After a mini hiatus I have reinstated my 'lite' Friday nights. I have been traveling the past two days for work and it took 2 hours in bumper to bumper traffic to get back into the city tonight when the trip is 30 miles! By the time I pulled into Avis I was ready for a large, and very strong, shot. While I had been so dead set on going to happy hour with a few kids from work, I ended up going home and crashing on the sofa. Tonight was the first night of Hanukah, which my roommate celebrates, so I joined her in lighting the menorah!! I love that we have a menorah and a Christmas tree in the festive! 

My roomie also made latkas and some cranberry applesauce [from scratch] my little chef! 

Instead of a shot I opted for a nice large glass of wine 
 in my holiday glasses :) and some sushi while watching, for the second time, The Jane Austen Book Club.  

Tomorrow I'm going to go and get Emma or Pride and Prejudice since I have never read either! I'll keep you posted on the progress..
For now, I'm laying in bad about the crash and downloading Amazon's 50 Free Christmas Songs (Thanks Amber for the rec!)

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  1. Gosh I REALLY want to see that movie!