Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Backtrack Shall We?

So since I have seriously left any readers hanging on my activity since Friday here is a super-quick mini update:

Saturday: Tried out Sushi Samba for my friend's bf's bday. Two words: seabass appetizer (two words/three?) whatever it was unreal, melt in your mouth. So glad I finally made it down to this west village staple for food, and not drinks. Although the drinks are spectacular all their own and we definitely did our fair share of "classy" sake bombing :)

Sunday: in celebration of my slightly hungover self, I opted for a classic egg and sausage sandwich.
Totally hit the spot.
Mon-Wed has been nothing out of sorts. Just normal eats and workouts. The hardest part has been weathering this cold front that has hit NY like a ton of bricks! It's brutal out!
Today I finished off the last of my giant sized pack of spinach with another green monster!
(1 banana, some strawberry yogurt, 1 cup organic milk, 1/2 cup soy protein powder in chocolate - oh and spinach )
And a lunch of spinach, lentils, chicken and roasted butternut squash. mm mm good (as Campbells would say)
Dessert of Banana Bread Larabar (this might be my favorite flavor so far!! do I say that everytime?)
This afternoon I had a soy misto from Starbs and some leftover fruit from the pantry at work. best holiday platter I have seen in a while with figs and (da dada daaa) peppermint bark! this baby was gooood and definitely his my afternoon chocolate craving. yippee!
After work I'm heading with some co-workers to see Up In Air with George Clooney to revel in the life of a consultant...and then grabbing drinks with some "long-lost" high school friends which I am super excited about. I love catching up with people! TTYL ;)


  1. Anonymous21:42

    Love all the Sbux!
    Our livers are probably thanking us that we have finally graduated and no longer launch alchocolic attacks on our bodies every weekend.. weeknight..oops.

  2. Ok I need to try that salad it has my favorite things in it! Butternut squash! lentils! Spinach! yum!