Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waning Cresent

Waning Cresent is the current moon phase on this Wednesday night. I was thinking about it because I realized that I hadn't even looked at the sky, yet I had been outside for hours. Today I did a Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp Training class after work. It.was.awesome. I'll definitely have trouble walking tomorrow but it will be totally worth it. I got the idea from, which is something that I 100% recommend in case you love doing new things but are trying not to spend an arm and a leg to do them (and they have it for 35 different cities)! 

Another reason I was thinking about the moon was because, in case you don't know me, I have a slight infatuation with the Twilight phenomena (ahem the Cullen's). I've read only three of the books however because I don't want the series to end! Eventually I will read the fourth, but as of right now I enjoy [re]reading the books on the treadmill and getting lost in the love story between Edward and Bella - it really makes the time fly. Anyways, as luck would have it I exited the subway at 23rd street, on my way home from bootcamp, and found that Peter Facinelli (aka the gorgeous Dr. Cullen) was filming Nurse Jackie right outside my apartment! Fate? I love this city [sometimes]. Above is a photo of the shoot. 

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