Monday, October 26, 2009

Gym Bug

In case you don't know me, I happen to work out a lot. This is a recent phenomena in my life - started about 6 months ago, but I feel so much better already.  I am a member of NYSC and have started to l.o.v.e. my gym on 8th ave and 23rd. I know where everything is, I know how to use the machines and gadgets, and I even have gym friends that I see there often! But everyone needs to shake up their workout now and then, right? So my roommate took the plunge a few months ago and purchased a gym membership at Equinox. She definitely is getting pampered while working out, so I'll admit I'm a little jealous. Luckily, I get to reap the benefits of her decision and I got a free friend week at Equinox! Well, of course they are hoping that I buy a membership after this week is I just felt AWFUL about sitting there with this adorable girl trying to talk me into it. Should I feel guilty about this? 
The only thing making me feel a little less like a cheapskate is that I am volunteering at the NYC ING Marathon expo this saturday so I feel like I'm giving back to society.  These even out right? 

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