Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hudson Terr[or]

I've noticed that I do my fair share of play on words in this blog, and whether they are good or bad I think I'm pretty proud of them most of the time. Cheers to me! ;)
Anyways, the Hudson Terr[or] that I am referring to in the title, wasn't as terrible as it sounds but the saying works so hey, don't judge. On Monday night was another played out episode of a purchased Groupon, that I love o so dearly. My girlfriend Liz and I purchased tickets to an event at Hudson Terrace It was advertised as a night out with the girls that included free martinis, make-overs, massages, hair cut/styling, raffles, and a gift bag filled with samples all for $35! Of course we jumped at this thinking it would be fun, on a Monday night, to get together at a posh little hotel and get pampered (and maybe a little tipsy). :)

Unfortunately, when we got there we were at the front of the line, however they don't explain what really is going on. So we went to the top floor which had a few tables of promotional crap and then 100 calorie drinks, for $12 each. After asking a few of the unfriendly staff, they mentioned that the martinis on the floor below were the free ones. Ahhhh we said, and off we went to the floor below.

The floor below was clearly where we wanted to be! Massage tables, curling irons, piles of makeup and makeup artists...

oh and of course a fully stocked bar! Halleluia!

However, when we took a closer look, this was, how you say, a monet? You had to sign up for all of the free services when you got there and EVERY SINGLE ONE, was completely full. Well except for perhaps the BOTOX station??! Whaat?

So we headed to the bar, since clearly we weren't getting any pampering, and decided we might as well wash it down with an ice-cold *free* martini. Turns out it was only one kind that they were making in bulk, and tasted like robitussin, or some sort of sweetened metal (not sure if that even makes sense but believe me that's what it tasted like). done.

Well, we might as well get our free sample bags and head on out right? WRONG? Well, yes we got the bags, but the insides left little to be desired.
1. A basketball keychain
2. A basketball nail file
3. Another nail file
4. Muscle Milk
5. A toothbrush with toothpaste already on it
6. A few coupons to use at some yoga studios (not half bad but that was the best of it all)

Seriously? It was a complete let-down. Sorry groupon, i love you, but I don't have to like you right now...

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  1. I LOVE GROUPON! And my mom is kind of addicted to it, too. Sorry you didn't get any of the services, though :-(