Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello there! I am writing from the lovely city of Boston (Cambridge to be exact) tonight as I'm traveling for work. We just had dinner at this amazingly delicious restaurant called Chez Henri - kind of french cuban cuisine it is considered. I ordered the pan seared trout with langoustine & gremolata, a cauliflower puree, and smoked bacon. There were some green beans thrown in there for some good measure so all in all a seriously delicious and well-balanced meal if I do say so myself! Sorry no photos :(

While I enjoy traveling for work, some things I don't like about it are the fact that I have to miss out on some things that I plan ahead for - such as my pilates classes! I've been buying these classes off of and now am on to my five mat classes at Pilates on Fifth. The cool thing about this place is that a mat class also covers this special Barre class (such as a ballet bar?). I haven't tried it yet but eventually!! I had a spot reserve this week but had to cancel due to work obligations ... ah priorities. This place is on the top floor of a building and the first time I walked in I immediately was reminded of a gymnasium when I was little. Pilates is fabulous and if you haven't tried it I seriously recommend them - I think it can do wonders for your body! ... but that being said, it's kind of wierd! Sometimes walking into these pilates studios can look like some sort of torture chamber with machines and chains and wheels and pulleys. Very strange.

Still, a great workout. Hopefully I'll get another class or two in before the weekend!

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  1. That Pilates studio is gorgeous! And lucky you to have gone to Boston for work!!! I've only ever done mat pilates and used one machine for physical therapy, but I'd love to go to one of those classes!