Sunday, March 21, 2010

Full Circle

Looking back on my first post from this blog, and thinking about why I started it in the first place, really makes me feel accomplished regarding what I've created here. I was in a "rut" of sorts and just needed to spice things up, so to say; or at least try to put my thoughts and actions into words and photos so that I could better see what was missing and what things were apparent in my life. Even though this site is still new, and I have [recently] not followed through on continual updating, especially in regards to what I eat and how I exercise, I still think that the posts that I have written have helped to reshape my outlook on the past few months and the future ahead that I have in New York. While there are a number of things that have changed, for the better, in my life since this blog started, I think that it really has come full circle when last Thursday I attended a blogger potluck at the lovely Leslie's apartment.
Getting together to meet, eat, and chat with five other ladies such as myself who have been able to find an interest and a common ground around food, exercise, and the blog-o-sphere was definitely the highlight of my "blogging career".

When is the last time you've contributed to a potluck and were you nervous about making something that everyone would like!?

While I do not proclaim to be a chef by any means, it was fun to experiment and add to the gorgeous potluck spread that not only looked unbelievable but tasted so good.

Katie's Peanut Hummus which added a nice and unique flavor that I had not yet had in regards to hummus, especially with some Mary's Crack[ers].
In the background there is a creation from Leslie's of white bean pesto with asparagus and roasted peppers which went great with the crackers as well.

Leslie also made this coconut sweet potato dip which I could have/did eat au naturale. Anything with sweet potato is unbelievable in my book and this was no exception.

Danielle's quinoa and broccoli bites - so simple yet so good.

Sophia's Lentil and Roasted Tomato bruschetta that tasted so delicious I think due in part to the fabulous spices and marinades that she explained went into mm

I prepared some spinach balls that consist of an easy mixture of frozen spinach, 1 chopped sweet onion, some butter, thyme, smashed bread crumbs, and salt and pepper. This recipe was easy to put together and was especially convenient for me because I had 20 minutes from the time I got out of work to get to the dinner - and therefore knew that I would have to make something before hand. After baking these guys for 20 minutes or so you can pop them in the freezer and then reheat them whenever you need!

And last but not least...

Megan's homemade peanut butter and chocolate cups. There is something so satisfying about homemade desserts that always makes me enjoy them just a little more than that store bought ones.

All in all a delicious night of wonderful people and wonderful food. I can truly say that these ladies were a joy to meet and I can't wait to do it again soon!! Not to mention I get to start catching up on all of their blogs now, which is always a treat...


  1. Anonymous12:27

    hey lady! lovely recap. just read through some of your posts and i enjoy your introspective/ reflective nature very much. new reader, right here. :) your day of boozing in the sun sounds awwwesome. i vote yes to that in the near future.

  2. Where are your beautiful spinach balls?! I had them for lunch on Saturday and they were still so delicious!

    Thanks for your support about my half! I was definitely freaking out a little bit on Thursday night... hope to see you again soon!

  3. i love this post! i totally know what you mean about looking back to
    the start of your blog - so much has changed for me in so many
    positive ways. it's interesting to be able to look back and see how your perspective has been shaped and changed. and the people i've met through blogging have definitely been a part of all the good!

    i had an absolute blast meeting you last week, and yes, we all must
    must must do it again very soon!