Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nature vs the City

Last weekend, the weather was gorgeous, the air was crisp and ready for fall, and these legs were itching for a good walk! Make that an 8 mile hike in beautiful Mohonk. It was a perfect day, and me, my camera, a backpack full of delicious treats, and an entertaining walking buddy ;) hit the trails!

There were rock climbers, wildlife, and rock scrambles [oh my], and after 8 miles of going up and down vertical ladders, squeezing through crevices and walking through the woods, I was exhausted.

The views here are spectacular - especially at the Mountain Lodge! There was a wedding going on at the time, and lets just say the bridesmaids and bride herself were definitely indulging in the afternoon celebration ;) !!

And of course my afternoon snack had to be portrayed - a MASSIVE sandwich, which had to be specially wrapped to stay together, complete with turkey, half an apple, a little smidge of fig jam, cucumber slices and tomato slices. Perfect for the half way point :)

The weekend is supposed to clear up here in the city this weekend, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed - pretty please??
Adios folks!

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